A clown in Beirut
© Julia Neumann

A clown in Beirut

Sabine Choucair’s signature is a red nose: As a clown she roams the streets of Beirut and ‘Sabouny’ brings a smile to children and adults alike. In Lebanon a good laugh is in great need, since daily life has become formed by an economic and political crisis, the Covid19-pandemic and the explosion in the Beirut harbour in August 2020.

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Fridays for Future in Lebanon – Engl.

A waste crisis, lack of education on the consequences of our current lifestyle on the environment, politically instrumentalised media and the #LebaneseRevolution on top - can Fridays for Future induce a change in Lebanon?

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A Revolution of Music and Art in Lebanon – Engl.

What is the role that music and art played during the protests in Lebanon? How political can and should music be? And what is the role of artists in revolutions? Julia discusses all of these questions with independent musicians in Beirut.

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“Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History” – Engl.

Women in Lebanon are the driving force behind the protests against the ruling elite. They are fighting not only against the corrupt system that prevents them from passing on their Lebanese nationality to their children, but also for the rights of LGBTQI+, refugees and migrants.

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On a trip to Tripoli, Lebanon

TTripoli - that's the second biggest city in Lebanon and we want to pay her a visit in this episode. We dive into the busy market, try out traditional sweets and discover an architectural secret.

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Libanons Tripoli – unbekannte Stadt mit Charme

Tripoli ist die zweitgrößte Stadt im Libanon, 85 Kilometer nördlich von Beirut, und eine noch relativ touristisch unentdeckte Perle. Wir machen uns im Nahostcast mit euch auf den Weg, um die Stadt zu erkunden – und zwar zu einer magischen Zeit: Während des Fastenmonats Ramadan. Weiterlesen...

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Taxi drivers in Beirut
Taxi in Beirut (c) Vladimir Varfolomeev

Taxi drivers in Beirut

Driving taxi on the streets of Beirut - adventurous and without safety belt, but also an interesting object of research. Our sociologists Stella explains rules, social codes and strategies of the taxi world.

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Syrian refugees in Lebanon

We talk about daily life in a shared flat with Syrians in Lebanon, about the Syrian artist community and which difficulties or enrichments can be found in the Syrian-Lebanese contact.

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