Stereotypes and prejudice in pharmacies
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    Stereotypes and prejudice in pharmacies

    Stereotypes and prejudice are to be found at many corners in our social life - in the context of a pharmacy not less. Invited by the podcast PTA IN LOVE, Svenja took a little trip into pharmacy life and talked with moderator Nadine about intercultural communication and prejudice in pharmacies.

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    Nomination for German Volunteering Award 2020

    Through our winning of the FAIRWandler prize, Nahostcast became automatically nominated for Germany's biggest Volunteering Award. From September 15th until October 27th, 2020, we were running in a public vote, in which everybody could cast their vote. In total, we received 499 votes and therefore reached place 53 out of 383 nominated projects. We can only say thanks to all the people voting for us!

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    A virtual trip to Saudi Arabia

    The travel café Querido Mundo had invited us to talk about our Saudi Arabia trip. We accepted of course! It was a wonderful evening with many questions and hopefully also some answers. Thanks to everybody who joined and to Querido Mundo for the invitation and organisation!

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    How to…podcast?

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    In the frame a podcast-workshop we guide pupils of the Johanna-Eck School in Tempelhof, Berlin, through to the production of their first and own podcast episode. We want to dive into the medium podcast together and make many new voices be heard by producing episodes from a pupil point of view. We are very grateful for being granted this opportunity through the support of the Sozialpädagogischen Institut Berlin "Walter May".

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    Podcasting as activism?

    We were asked by the association Grenzgänger to take part in the project move digital. This aims to provide teenagers with the space to learn and try out political tools. Our input is a special podcast episode, in which we discuss the political potential of podcast production.

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    An association is founded

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    We have decided that we want to pursue more projects on top of the podcast. For this end, we will need a suitable legal form. So after a bit tedious struggle with German bureaucracy, we can now proudly announce the forthcoming of an official and non-profit association – NAHOSTCAST e.V. Starting now, we…

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    We win!

    We win the Fairwandler-prize of the Karl-Kübel-foundation in the category FAIRvermitteln ("to mediate"). Aside from us, twelve other amazing projects were nominated that represent great engagement in the field of development work. In the end, the winners decided to allocate the prize money equally among all projects to emphasize the solidarity aspect.

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    Let’s talk with DAFG

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    The German-Arab Friendship Association (DAFG) has asked us to join a Jour Fixe in order to present and discuss our podcast. Thanks to all the participants for the amazing feedback we received on this evening!

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    Know-how transfer with the Civil Academy

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    NAHOSTCAST is granted an ideal support by means of a scholarship program of the Civil Academy. In the frame of three workshop-weekends, we join twenty other amazing voluntary project initiatives to receive input on topics like project management, teambuilding, PR-strategies and fundraising by great speakers and experts of the field.

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