The Podcast School – مدرسة البودكاست

In August 2020 podcast freelancer Rasha Aldeeb launched the ‘podcast school’ in cooperation with Nahostcast. In weekly workshop sessions, women from the whole region of Westasia and North Africa have the opportunity to receive support and impulses for the fields storytelling and podcasting. Together we would like to contribute to a proliferation of female voices in public and an expression of womens’ stories and perceptions.

Rasha Aldeeb

The Podcast School benefits profoundly from the know-how and experience of her founder – Rasha Aldeeb. She is the first podcaster in Egypt that lends a voice to women and female topics of interest through this medium. By now, she has worked with several international organisations such as the Robert Bosch Stiftung or Care International and the list of her produced podcasts has grown considerably:

  • Teh Marbota podcast
  • black box
  • jasmin aroma
  • story about them
  • she has a voice
  • Al walkman الوولكمان
  • Wams application
  • Al podcast
  • mkany mkank
  • Lamtna

With our Nahostcast team she is connected on a personal level of friendship and we are very proud to include and support the ‘Podcast School’ as our first in the ranks of upcoming projects.

More about the participants of the Podcast School and some audible input will be published here soon.

How to … Podcast?

Podcasts are a low-threshold and young medium, which is booming especially in the Corona time. It can also be produced with simple means and thus offers young people in particular the opportunity to make their opinions, experiences and impressions audible to the public. It is exactly these possibilities that we want to discover in the context of a Podcast-workshop with the students of Johanna-Eck School in Tempelhof, Berlin. By means of thematic blocks, we want to dive together into the medium  podcast and make many new voices be heard by producing episodes from a pupil point of view.

Start of the project is on September 26th. After that you will find first impressions of the project here.